Wheel of Coping Skills

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This fun therapeutic activity can be adapted to each child’s needs. It addresses so many different skills that is worth doing.
– 2 paper plates
– Markers
– Snap or paper fastener
– Scissors to cut out triangle hole in top plate
Directions: Use the circle with pie shapes to write in your coping skills ( or exercise skills), then paste it on to the plate that will attach to the underside of the top plate. Cut out a triangle size appropriate to one of the bottom plate pie shapes (only 1 skill should be seen at a time). Fasten the 2 plate pieces together in the middle with a paper faster.
OPTIONS: If doing exercises, you may find it helpful to use our exercise picture cards with bright colored illustrations.
BTW We included some picture cards for you convenience.

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Download PDF for Wheel of Coping Skills
Download PDF for Exercises

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