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Welcome to the Brilliant Therapy Team, where we are making great strides to improve the quality of therapy, make it available to more people, and shorten the time it takes to prepare these treatments.

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Join the team that is innovative with this membership-based website bringing therapy resources to your fingertips in seconds! No more searching thru files for treatment ideas. Members have comprehensive caregiver and staff treatment tools for clients of all ages that are goal driven.

Our goal is to help get better treatment to clients everywhere and we put our money behind that goal. The more we grow, the more we give to therapists to treat underprivileged clients!  That is because we care! No one cares like Brilliant Therapy!

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Lines: A Tool for Therapy

"Lines: A Tool for Therapy" is a packet with several variations that we hope can be helpful to a wide variety of therapists (Speech & Language, Occupational, and Physical therapists).