Ice Cube Tray Uses

  • Ice tray with broken crayons and colored papers
  • Cutting egg carton squares

An ice cube tray or egg container can be useful for several OT and Speech activities.
Here are a few ideas:
1. ADL: Organize pills, To-Do-List, and snack measurer,…
2. Meals: Cut up pieces of food in each space lets kids have an idea of how long they will have to sit to finish their food.
3. Craft supports (such as how many items they need to place on their picture, or use as a paint tray.)
4. Place small toys in each space and then place water in and freeze. Kids can play outdoors with the ice until they can remove the toy from each ice cube.
5. Science type activities: Place different colors together.
1. Place a letter in each cube space to work on articulation.
2. Place an oral exercise into each space.
3. Write down on a small piece of paper a question to be read and answered.
4. Place a small toy into each one and have kids take one at a time and describe it or compare how it is different than the one previously picked up.
5. Blindfold clients and have them pull 1 item out of each space and describe or guess what it is without seeing it.
1. Place a yoga picture in each space and have kids pull 1 out at a time to do. This can help them see how many they need to do before getting free time.
2. Place an activity or exercise that they need to do in each space.
3. Make ice cubes and then let them carry one around to each exercise. This will give added sensory input and body awareness.
4. Let them jump over something unusual, such as an ice cube tray. Each time they do it they can place marble or fuzz ball in the space.
5. Reward Tool: Use it to count how many times they jump or engage in an activity before getting an activity of their own choice.
Additional Options: Place words in spaces and each client takes a turn adding that word into a story or place items in spaces that sensory avoiding clients will not particularly want to touch but can be motivated to pull out.
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