Frankenstein Head

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This is a fun adaptable activity that will have kids engaged in drawing and cutting. They really get into making scars on the face which is great for learning about lines which ultimately helps with handwriting skill development.
SUPPLIES: green paper, black paper, marker, glue stick, and scissors
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut off two corners of the green paper (optional-refer to pictures).
2. Cut a zig zag line across the black paper about 1/3 or 1/4th of the way down. This will be Frankenstein’s hair.
3. Glue on the black hair.
4. Draw a face. option: black paper mouth, white paper teeth
5. Draw a scar.
NOTE: Sometimes you will have a kid who needs to add bolts to the sides of the head.
We have also included Tips on How to Direct an Activity pdf.

ST: After making Frankenstein’s face, you can get kids to tell you answers to questions such as; “What Frankenstein wants for breakfast?”, “What is his favorite past time?”, or “What does he do during the day or night? Once kids make him, they usually will want to name him.
Download the PDF for Frankenstein Head

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