Fine Motor Obstacle Course II

  • Kids playing with strings and buttons
  • Square stamped letters
  • Paper cut out hands
  • I Spy list and bottle of pasta
  • People slicing apples
  • Bottle of toy snakes
  • Plastic container holding colorful cubes
  • Separating orange slices
  • Colored paper squares and paper with curvy line
  • Kid using mini tongs to grab fuzzy balls
  • Kid playing with yo-yo
  • Kid drawing snowflake on template

If you like this, you will like Fine Motor Obstacle Course I.
We have included several pictures of ideas to help you create your own Fine Motor Obstacle Course. Have fun writing on the clouds or making parquetry designs.

OPTIONS: Placing small blocks on a matching page for letter awareness, peeling fruit, tracing hands and placing the prints on a string into garland, placing colored paper squares on a line, stringing beads, Yoyo use, opening and closing container lids, recap markers,  using tongs and pulling things out of containers or putting them back in.

If you have created your own and want to share with your Brilliant Therapy Team just go to the facebook page.

Download the PDF for Fine Motor Obstacle Course II

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