Worms In A Bottle

  • Toy snakes in a bottle

We got the worms from the Dollar Store and placed them inside a empty water bottle. The worms move in and out of the water bottle with just the right amount of tugging. This is a clinic favorite! You can time a client or have races to see which client gets all their worms out and then back in before the others. Fine motor races are the best!
OT: Try using a sharpie marker and place letters to write on each snake to address writing goals.
ST: Speech therapists prefer to have kids pull out a snake each time they use an “s” word correctly or put a snake in for each question answered correctly and then count the snakes at the end to see who answered the most questions.
PT: Physical therapists often have clients balance on 1 leg or on a balance board while simultaneously pulling the worms out.

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