Wonderful Obstacle Course Map

A variety of skills get addressed with this fun mapped out workout that can be done inside or outdoors. An aerial view can be a great tool for working on executive functioning skills.
– Print out the colorful map and hand it to client. See if they can draw it, or create it, or even follow it (if you have already duplicated it on the floor) in order to work on executive functioning skills.
– Color helps, so use colored paper cut out into dots and squares (hop scotch) and colored tape or chalk for the lines.
– Backward movement is very crucial for brain development so have fun slipping it into your course. You can even have client toss a ball backwards into a container.
-If you do not have time to get equipment together for your school obstacle course yet, using chalk is a great option.
Check out the Sidewalk Therapy entry on your BrilliantTherapy site. You will love it!

If you like this skill builder, you will enjoy the Wonderful Wheelchair Obstacle Course Map used with scooter boards or the many obstacle course e-books found in resources/tools.

Download the PDF for Wonderful Obstacle Course Map

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