Wintertime Trees: Triangle Cut, Paste, Paint

Easy to set up and a wonderful way for clients to work on fine motor, visual perception, visual motor, direction following and asking for or sharing of tools makes this a great therapy option.
SUPPLIES: Colored paper, white paint, paint brushes, scissors, glue stick. (optional-marker)
OPTIONS: You can have clients cut out all kinds of basic shapes and glue them down like a collage, or cut out winter themed pictures and glue them down and embellish with dots of paint or glitter.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Lay out all supplies and demonstrate what to do, then see how far clients can get on their own, by starting with cutting out a blue sky shape.
2. Cut out triangles for trees.
3. Paste blue sky on white background paper.
4. Paste on trees.
5. Dab white paint onto picture as if snow is falling.
Now you let your picture dry and it is done. Have fun!

ST: The speech components are following directions, asking to use each of the supplies, identify colors, and then describe their picture.

Share your creations with your Brilliant Therapy Team and get credit! Together we make therapy better!

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