Wild West Rodeo Obstacle Course

  • Kid picking up item with feet
  • Paper flowers
  • Kid laying on carpet with dog
  • Kid mopping plastic mat
  • Kid gently hosing horse
  • Kid riding a pony
  • Close up image of pony face

Obstacle Courses are a phenomenal way to get the job done. Brilliant Therapy recognizes this so we are currently working on more obstacle courses that can target more of the adult population. This Wild West Rodeo Obstacle Course has a printer friendly version included and it is engaging with fun illustrations.
TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Remember that the process is important, not just the outcome for activities. We are building new improved neural pathways so that everything will work better. Use imagination when creating your course. Bales of hay can be pillows, Baby bulls can be dried chickpeas, and you can use a spin board or office chair for Spin the donkey. The pictures can inspire your imagination as they were taken from our summer therapy camps!
Grab yourself an obstacle course eBook and see how awesome they are. Each one is unique, and as one team member stated, “They are addictive!”

Brilliant Therapy is better therapy!

Download the PDF for Wild West Rodeo Obstacle Course

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