Whole Body Listening Boy

This is a favorite tool for “Whole Body Listening”.
Invaluable in many autism classrooms, this gives kids a visual without having to talk with them and they can see what part of their body may not be in a listening position. For example, if their feet are not on the floor, you will want to pull off the feet and wait until feet are properly planted on the floor before placing the feet icon back on the boy template.

DIRECTIONS: Copy and laminate. Then cut out the body part pictures and place velcro on the back. Put a small piece of velcro on the corresponding body part of the boy.
Place the boy picture with all the parts on it at clients desk. When they are not listening with their entire body, just remove one body part at a time letting them see that they need to make a correction to their body. As they fix the errors (such as stop talking), you can put the body part icon back on the boy. This allows communication without verbalization confusion.

In the picture you can see that each child had their own body chart and if they were following directions and attending to the shark card activity, then they had more body parts on their chart. If the activity time ran out and they were missing parts from their body chart, they had to stay seated ,after the bell for change activities rang, and demonstrate whole body listening until we had put back all of the body parts that they were missing. This visual was very helpful and cut down on the need to verbally remind them to stay attended to the task.
Download the PDF for Whole Body Listening Boy

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