Wheel of Coping Skills

When clients ‘ink’ it, it helps them ‘think’ it. So here is a therapy activity that can support social/emotional goals as well as fine motor cognitive skills.
SUPPLIES: 1 chad, 2 paper plates, markers, scissors, and glue(optional).
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut out the center of one paper plate. (This will be attached to the back of your main plate by a chad.)
2. Draw lines dividing the center (that you just cut) plate piece and write or place coping skills in the pie-shaped sections. (Keep all the sections the same size)
3. Hold your uncut paper plate on top of the center plate piece and trace out 1 pie section. (This is what you cut so that you will be able to see the center plate piece that has the strategies on it.
4. Place a brass chad thru the 2 paper plates at the center.
5. Decorate as desired.

If you would like to share therapy tools that you have developed with the team, go ahead! Share and get credit!
Download the PDF for Wheel of Coping Skills

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