Water Balloons

Water balloons are rich with sensory input and can be used to develop so many different skills, such as visual motor, visual-perceptual, sensory discrimination, task tolerance, visual tracking skills and more.
1. Toss and Catch Balloons
2. Jump over Balloons
3. Toss to target (can be pool noodle circle or bucket)
4. Visual discrimination by placing all water balloons in a row.
5. Toss and say what is on your mind.
6. Balance on a cup or spoon and walk a beam
7. Strengthening by carrying several in buckets, etc.
8. Grasp strengthening by dipping the bottom of the balloon into paint and then placing on to paper
9. Social skills by using it in games such as “Hot Potato”
10. Stuff your shirt with them and transfer them to another location.

Now you can come up with your own ideas and share them with the team!

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