Wall and Ruler Star

Supplies: Ruler, Dry Erase Marker (option shown) or pencil if using paper, and a model to look at.  You can keep using the same model to trace over by slipping it into a page protector so it can be reused. If you need it for your records, then you may have the child place a white sheet of paper over the model, and trace on their top paper (this is easier with a light table but not necessary).

This is a great way to build skills with the hand that stabilizes the paper or balance by having child/adult stand on a balance board while completing this task. Upper body strengthening, task tolerance, and many more skills can be worked on with this task.

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  • Jacqueline Fox
    Posted at 17:25h, 01 June

    My kids enjoyed standing at the pool edge and drawing with sidewalk chalk and rulers.

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