Walking on the Line 21 Ways

  • Assorted circles in a curved line
  • Kids following circles placed on carpet
  • Laminated assorted colored footprints taped on carpet
  • Dodgeballs on middle gym line

Try introducing this like Follow The Leader. Kids love to imitate and learn to lead this way.
Here are 21 ways to use a line for therapy.
Brave summer camp OT: You can even trace your finger up the crease of a cactus. Go slowly. It is intense but worth it when you see the heightened level of visual attention! Start off with HOH(Hand over Hand).
For other summer camp ideas, check out Gym5 Sensory Summer Camps, or Check out our e-books in the Tools/Resources section of BrilliantTherapy.com

Download the PDF for for Walking on the Line 21 Ways

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