Visual Sort Symbols: Logos & Yarn…

  • Colorful strings and ribbons
  • Visual Sort Symbols sheet
  • Visual Sort Symbols folder

There are many ways to incorporate ribbons & yarn into therapy. They can also be run thru a laminator and kids can follow them with their fingers. Here are some options:
Yarn, ribbon, and party streamers work well for wall or floor visual-perceptual motor skill building. Kids will enjoy feeling the different textures and it can help cue them to remain on their pathway until the end. We have included some additional options that you may enjoy.
PT: Try placing the yarn on the floor and have kids walk or hop along their particular strand to the end.
Printable: Use this pdf and feel free to adapt it by using car symbols in place of community signs. This visual-perceptual style tool can also be done with yarn placed on a floor and you have client walk it. You may choose to use cones, bean bags, or dots for start points. If you have duplicate markers, then let them place the matching marker where they think the yarn trail will lead them and see if they are correct in their guess.

For a desk top option, you may cut out community signs or car logos, and place them at the end of a dry erase marker trails. You can also laminate the ribbon trails into a file folder task.

Download the PDF for Visual Sort Symbols: Logos & Yarn…

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