Visual Memory Task

  • Man looking at various items on desk
  • Colorful shapes
  • Plastic mini shelves with fuzzy balls
  • Colorful laminated paper circles
  • Square template with colorful letters and numbers
  • Woman showing young boy green Play Doh
  • Matching shapes to image
  • Laminated paper strips with words

Visual memory games are fun challenges for many different clients from traumatic brain injury to developmental delay. You can play them at a baby shower or in the clinic. Clients are shown several items for about 1 minute then the items are removed from sight and they have to see how many items they can recall or pick up and recreate what was shown. You can also have them point to the physical location of where those items were.
(We thought you might like a few other similar ideas to adapt as well. The doodle cat can be shown with items drawn on it and then removed and the client can draw inside their blank cat outline what they remember seeing.
PT: You can place gym items on the floor and then remove them and let the client place them back where you had them.
OT: This can be adapted for safety awareness skills or for visual impaired by incorporating tactile elements. Strategies may be to pick out words or make stories that have all the items in them. You can also place a colored dot on paper that matches each item in front of them and then call them out with only the colored dots to remind them. For example, you may have had them make a red dot (for the red spoon), yellow dot (for the pencil), and a grey dot (for the paper clip) then using their paper of dots tell you all that was on the table.
ST: Have kids repeat what they listed and then put them back on the table, then time them to see if they can say them faster.
Download the PDF for Visual Memory Task

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