Visual Discrimination: Size Comparison Boy

* Try coloring the boys smallest to largest with one color crayon or pastel and vary the pressure from heavy to light. This is a great way to work on body awareness and see a visual cue.
* Have kids write an animal that correlates with the size of each boy. For example, the tiniest boy might be ‘ant’ and the next largest boy might be ‘lizard’ and the largest boy might be ‘elephant’.
* Try coloring each boy based off of warm and cool colors.
Place a chart with the colors in front of them then have them start with the smallest boy being the warmest color of red or yellow (reminds you of the sun or fire) and then cool colors such as blue or green (reminds us of grass or water). Adults may enjoy this challenge as well. PS Color blind clients will not do well with this variation.

You can add a speech component to this by asking a question and the child answers by placing a color on the boy or points to the boy that best fits the size of the object mentioned. For example, you might ask, “what boy would represent the size of the universe?” or “What boy is as tall as my sticky note?”

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