Vision Bingo & 3 other games.

  • Vision Bingo sheets

Clients love these colorful artistic illustrations.
3 other games that you can do with them are:
1. Cut out playing cards (pictures) and place them in a deck face down. Take turns picking up a card and using it in a sentence. Who ever cannot make a sentence with a card they picked up can trade it with a peer or return it to the deck and forfeit their turn. If the peer makes a sentence with it, they get 2 points instead of 1.
2. Cards are randomly placed on the table face side up. Each player has 1 minute to make a sentence or more using an item on the card (s) that they pick up. They can gain points by the number of sentences that they can say in 1 minutes time. [You can choose to have them make 1 sentence per card or multiple sentences with 1 card]
3. Kids cut out as many pictures as they want to and place them on to a paper strip (their Picture Wall) and then they tell the story to other players pointing to each picture as their story is told.
OT: You may have them write their answers rather than say them. This is good for learning to self generate sentences. You can play the same games with different cards, such as the ones from the Reset Station (coming soon in Resources) so that you have more movents rather than writing elements.
ST: You can do these with other cards as well.
PT: You may want to use the cards from the sensory modulation stations such as the transformation station, or other movement cards.
NOTE: We also included our Halloween Card version.
So have fun!

Download the PDF for Vision Bingo & 3 other games.

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