US Flag and Spangles

  • usflagandspangles
  • usflagandspangles
  • usflagandspangles
  • usflagandspangles
  • usflagandspangles

-1 white paper (8.5×11)
-1 red paper (8.5×11)
-1 blue paper. (8.5×11)
-glue stick or bottle
-optional stars; spangles, cut out stars or polk a dots, small white fuzz balls

Tips for success:
– Have a model to show what to expect
-This activity can be used for all ages based on personality
-This activity is best with demonstration or “Follow Me” style of teaching

This is wonderful for standing tolerance skill building. Some ways to make it more difficult would be to have a client stand on a balance board or walker at a table. Remember to have safety precautions in place.
Stars: These can be created a variety of ways such as drawn with a white pencil, finger tips dipped in paint, pencil ends dipped into paint, glue dots and glitter placed on top, stickers, hole punched dots of paper, spangles or sequins glued on. It all depends on what skill you are trying to address and what supplies you have.
Anyway you do this craft, it will be fun!

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