Turkey Feet Walking Course

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  • turkeywalkingcourse
  • turkeywalkingcourse

You will be surprised at what a wonderful skill builder this activity is. It is easy to measure progress objectively and works well in obstacle courses. From TBI to Autism clients, they will build skills in visual motor, visual tracking, balance, and attention to task skills.
DIRECTIONS: Put down 2 paths of dots. One path having one set of foot prints while the other has the other pattern of footprints. You can make the paths intersect each other for increased difficulty. Have clients walk on only 1 set of footprints to the end of the trail.
OPTIONS: You do not have to limit this to just turkey feet. Possibilities are endless! You can use textures, themes, numbers and letters, and anything else you are working on. More options with new pictures are coming soon!
Download PDF for Turkey Feet Walking Course

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