Triangle Tree with Snowflake Cap Prints

Winter wonderlands are fun to celebrate. This visual motor task can build coordination, thought organization, impulse control, bilateral integration, visual and auditory processing, and speech skills. It all depends on how you choose to use it.
SUPPLIES: colored construction paper, white paint, scissors, glue, and a pen cap.
DIRECTIONS: Cut out green, blue, or white triangles for trees and glue them to the blue background paper. Then, place a small amount of white paint on to a plate or paper and dip the pen cap into it and stamp it on to your tree picture.
ST: Each time clients answer a question or say a word correctly, they can add another snowflake. This can make speech drills fun.
OT: Sometimes this can work for older populations as a way of keeping interest. You can ask them ADL questions as they work, thus cutting down on frustration.
Share your own fun therapy activities with the team and earn points. It is fun, and together we make therapy better!

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