Trail Mix Game

Trail mix with a an engaging story is all you need to get the sensory avoiders to join in with this nibbling task. No Hands are needed, just bend over and taste items and identify them.
SUPPLIES: Food, such as trial mix, clean table, and paper strips with descriptive words such as salty, rough, tangy, crunchy, and sweet.
DIRECTIONS: Place food items to be tasted on a clean table and have kids taste an item from each category listed, or find items that fit in with your story.
OPTIONS: Try placing fruit pieces on water in a clean shallow bin and it takes on a more ‘bobbing for items’ approach. You may also just have clients transfer food items to the other side of the line that is placed on a a table so that way they do not have to taste it with their tongues. This is a helpful option for sensory avoiders. Another option is to have kids pick food items up and place on a target or make a picture.
Make it fun and if students are hesitant at first, you may have some rewards for participation.
If you like this for a sensory avoider, you will like our Tasting Passport.
Share your tasty tricks with the team!

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