The Sky Template

A basic cloud that can be used for writing, reaching, and cutting out. Endless possibilities.
PT: Cut, laminate, and place velcro backing and the corresponding velcro on a wall for reaching or counting accomplishments. You may also have them scattered around the floor near a balance beam for pick up in an obstacle course.
OT: Write inside fitting words inside the lines for awareness, or cut it out and place it on a sky background. It can also be used for easy beginning coloring or doodling skills.
ST: Place all the words that go with a category that you have printed out. They can rhyme or go with a sky theme. It can also be a sticker chart for kids that enjoy the sky.
Parents: You may choose to calm kids while working on visual-motor skills, by simply gluing cotton balls on the cloud or coloring it. Adding sensory components make this effective.


Click here to download the PDF

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