Tear Squares Stationary Art

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This is a fun colorful and meaningful way to work on pinch strength, processing, and digital control. Clients of all ages will find this surprisingly fun.

Materials: Minimum of 4 different colors of paper, and a glue stick.
Directions: Place down your base paper, then take a colored paper and tear downward along the edges trying to only take approximately 1 inch off each edge. Then tear about 2 inches off the next colored paper. Repeat the process.
Options: You can keep tearing many colors of paper until you get down to a tiny square in the middle or you can just do a few and then have room to write a letter. Both options are fun and beautiful.
This task is rich with visual-perceptual skills, visual interest, fine motor skills, and it can make writing fun. The pdf is really just a sample of the end project.

Download the PDF for Tear Squares Stationary Art

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