Tear Paper Fox

This is a great way to show how shapes combined together can make up more complex shapes. Understanding how parts can add up to a whole is part of what makes this worth while.
Of course, this is also wonderful for fine motor strength and coordination, following directions, and visual motor skills.
SUPPLIES: Orange, black & white paper, white crayon, glue stick, and white paper for eyes or use google eyes.
DIRECTIONS: 1. First draw an arch (upside down ‘U’.
2. Then draw a triangle for the face outline that overlaps the arch. (refer to the picture.)
3. Now add the two triangle ears.
4. Draw the arched lines on the cheeks of the fox (refer to the pictures).
5. Draw a tail.
6. Tear orange paper pieces to glue them into the desired areas.
7. Tear white paper pieces and place them on the cheeks and tail.

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