Task Completion Tool (Hearts)

  • Marking sheet of various things
  • Cut out hearts matching numbers
  • Student To-do schedule
  • Placing dominoes on plastic tupperware
  • Green boxes with directions

Using visual supports for autistic clients an be helpful for everyone.
Directions: Let client know that they will earn 3 stars/hearts before they get to engage in a task of their choosing. As the client stays on task, therapist/teacher can place a star/heart on the task completion tool.
OPTIONS: You can also use a plastic container with a small opening on the top of the lid to allow for the laminated hearts, stars, or fuzz balls to be pushed thru for each one earned there can be a minute of fun that is their choice.

Another motivator can be to copy a picture of interest and then cut it into puzzle style pieces(you can take a  picture of interest and laminate it by using clear contact paper, or cut up a favorite cereal box cover) and they can earn a piece of the picture until all the pieces of the picture are assembled signaling that the client is now ready to do an activity of their choice as a reward for staying on their work tasks.
We have included several pictures to help give you ideas that help you devise what is needed for your client.

Share your creative tools with your BrilliantTherapy Team!

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