Task Box Ideas

  • Paper with words and alphabet magnets
  • Colored paper box with corresponding color popsicle sticks
  • Look and Find folder activity
  • Organized box
  • Toy shapes with paper containing corresponding outlines
  • Plastic container holding colorful cubes
  • Makeup bag with assorted items
  • Kid playing with empty containers
  • Container of empty Play-Doh cups
  • Cut out shapes on spatial awareness sheets
  • Woman organizing make up bag

Use the pictures and Task Box Idea List to help you create fun and effective task boxes. These work real well in the home setting and parents will easily get on board once you give them a box or two to get started.
Elderly populations enjoy the more ADL specific tasks and they can be set up for them ahead of time so that they work on a Task Box while you complete a progress note or greet another client. It is nice because the client can see when they will complete the task.
PT: Use shoe boxes in a row and then place a picture card or photo of what task they need to do with the props in the box. Props can be laminated paper dots, bean bags, mini cones, scarves, and balls.
Home Setting: Organized work stations may be helpful. (see the pictures included)

Download the PDF for Task Box Ideas

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