Task Box Ideas II

Task boxes are wonderful for clients allowing them to see what has to be done and getting a visual of how they are progressing. This can build cognitive skills as well as fine motor and visual motor abilities.
Task boxes are a wonderful addition to a home exercise program or fine motor obstacle course. They help organize clients and can be reused.

OPTIONS: Place multiple ADL items in a make-up or travel bag and see how long it takes to open and close or recap all the items that you have placed in it.  You can time them to help motivate them or document more objectively.  Other ADL items you might put into a task box might include, socks to match, 10 zip lock bags with 10 items to place into them, or dried out markers to cap and recap.
Share task boxes that you have made with your BrilliantTherapy Team!
Download the PDF for Task Box Ideas II

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