Tape Lines

  • tapelines
  • obstaclecourselines

This is a wonderful colorful activity that will always be successful.  Skills that can be addressed with this are: visual-perceptual, digital strength (tearing the tape and placing it on), line awareness (helps with writing), coordination, and thought processing.

DIRECTIONS: Place tape on to watercolor paper and gently press down. Then paint each section a different color. Let the paint dry, and then pull off the tape and your picture is done.

If you don’t have a sports ladder for training, just use tape lines. Missing cones, just use tape lines. Tape can be a useful tool.

Get more involved with your Brilliant Therapy team and earn points! We can also help you sell your own tools and we would love to have you share tools with the team as well.  Each week we add new tools to your collection. Together we make therapy better!

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