Striped Christmas Tree Template

  • Paper strip Christmas tree
  • Completed paper strip Christmas tree
  • Glue lines on paper Christmas tree

This activity is an absolute favorite. With line awareness, parts make up a whole, sensory components, and bilateral integration it cannot be beat!
BTW You can do it with regular construction paper and you will not get the wrinkling that you see in the picture. We wanted to see what would happen if it was done on the school grade butcher paper. So now you know. They still turned out fantastic! If you are not a Christmas fan, then put them on a plain triangle. You will be impressed with all the skills that are used and come together. (It is so great, we have another version of this without a template.] On this simpler model, we had the paper strips precut with the paper trimmer.
PT: Try having your base tree (no stripes or star) on the wall at the end of your obstacle course. Each time your child completes the course or movement, they get to add a stripe! Have them reach up on to their tip toes for an increased challenge.
ST: Have all the words or sentences ready to put on to the strips of colored paper.
OT: You know what to do on this task, and you will be impressed with the cutting component when they have to angel the scissors to line up with the triangle.

Download the PDF for Striped Christmas Tree Template

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