Stick Ups!

Taking things and reaching up to put them on a particular place or pushing Christmas lights into cardboard are just some of the options that you have to motivate clients and help them to gage how much is expected from them. For example, knowing that they have to push 12 lights into the cardboard allows them to see how many are left when they have pushed in 5.
SUPPLIES: Colored paper, glue stick, option to laminate or yard to help kids place birds on it for line awareness(for the featured picture).

OPTIONS: Laminate your tree, cloud, or paper strip sky (we used butcher paper that most schools have available) and then use sticky velcro dots to place items to allow you to put on and take off dots, birds, and other items. We also added a picture wall schedule so you could see how sticky velcro can be used to put on 3D objects.

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Download the PDF for Stick Ups!

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