Stacking by the Minute

Doing timed activities work on cognitive skills in a beneficial way. Here are some ideas that can be done in 1 minute.
1. Find items around the room and stack as many as you can in 1 minute. (plastic cups or any unbreakable items)
2. Dribble or catch a ball.
3. Place as many paper clips or stickers as you can in 1 minute.
4. Say and label as many objects as you can.
5. Tear as many pieces of paper as you can.
6. Tap your toes as many times as you can or use a Tootie Board and catch the bean bag.
7. Pull out or put items into containers(you can add sorting)
8. Turn items over such as cards, papers, blocks, or socks.
9. Doff and don gloves, socks, shirts, or shoes.
10. Pick up and eat as many food items as you can with your mouth only.
11. Compare as many items on different papers. (numbers, words, pictures, etc.)
12. Hold a pet or object and call out as many descriptive words that come to mind.

Now that you have a dozen ideas to choose from, think of your surroundings and have fun adding more!

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