Square & Triangle Writing Practice

  • Markers, scissors, glue, glitter, and paper
  • Marking blue paper
  • Marking blue paper
  • Outline paper Christmas tree
  • Drawing triangles inside paper Christmas tree outline

This therapy task is often used by occupational therapist wanting to work on writing, visual motor and perceptual skills. If your child is working on block letters (E,F,H, etc.) then use the square, if they are working on letters that have diagonal lines (such as V,K,,Y, etc.) you will want to use the triangle.
SUPPLIES: 1 white paper(8X11), 1 piece colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, and optional glitter.
DIRECTIONS: Fold colored paper in half and draw/cut half of the shape starting with the folded edge as shown. Then unfold the colored cut paper and you have your shape that you can place on another paper and decorate with stickers etc.
OPTIONS: You can also fill the shapes with sentences or doodling. Try far point copying as well.

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