Spangles: What to do…

  • Foot print out containing flowers and stars
  • Laminated plastic sheet with purple heart outline containing flowers and leaves
  • Colorful spangle mix
  • Glitter heart with stars
  • Circles with either flowers or stars
  • Craft ruler with heart at the end
  • Number nine with different shapes

Oh what JOY they bring. Kids and adults love looking at them. Hope the pictures can inspire you to get yourself some. Walmart and other craft stores carry them and they are cheap!
Idea: They are fun for finger tip prehension: Place one in each section of an egg container and let kids pick them up and transfer them to a picture. They can also make holiday crafts and writing more fun. I laminated them on letters and the kids loved running their fingers along them. You can also use them to encourage spacing between words.
PT: You might want kids to retrieve them while balancing on a beam.
Endless possibilities!

Download the PDF for Spangles: What to do…

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