Snowman Rolls

This crafty tool is designed to focus on parts to whole, tip prehension (pinching paper together while making the rolls), and other fine motor skills. They may require hand over hand assistance for the first roll and then let them struggle for the other two. This craft can motivate them to work hard and skills will develop.
SUPPLIES: white paper, background paper, black paper or black crayon, orange crayon for the nose, glue stick, and scissors.
DIRECTIONS: Start by cutting out the 4 shapes on the template paper, then roll the largest rectangle first the direction of the arrow and glue it together.
Roll the other two paper rectangles in the direction of the arrows and glue them on to the first roll (largest to smallest). You are now ready to make his hat. We have included the hat brim but you are on your own to cut out the square piece of the hat that will fit on top of the hat brim.
You can glue the rolls down on your background paper and then glue your 2 hat pieces on top.
The lastly, add your carrot nose and place a dots for your eyes and buttons.
Have kids tell or write you a story about their snowman. You may want to give them an example.


Click here to download the PDF

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