Smart Board Directed Draw: Fish

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Directed drawing is a wonderful way to build skills. It can build visual attention, visual-perceptual, visual-motor, visual memory, thought organization, body awareness, attention span, social and grasp development skills.
DIRECTIONS: Be slow and deliberate with presenting each line that is drawn. Demonstrate and say what you are doing with each line so that clients know how and where to start drawing each line. Your directions may sound like this:
1. Draw a sideways ‘V’. [You may have them point to the spot on the page where they will start their first line.]
2. Draw a curved line that will be the top of the fish.
3. Add a tail.
4. Draw a line downward and then bring it up to touch the sideways ‘V’.
5. Draw a circle for the eye above the ‘V’.
6. Draw a slightly curved line at near the corner of the ‘V’.
7. Show a ‘C’ shape with your hand and ask clients to draw a curved line (like a ‘C’) to be the side fin.
8. Let them add additional fins and embellish their fish.
The fish end up cuter than you think!

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