Simple Sensory Desk Top Strategies

Simple Sensory Desktop Strategies are helpful for kids that need the extra touch. Here is a list of some strategies that can make a significant difference.
NOTE: Some of these can be used for adults in their office space.
1. Use washcloth as shown (provided boundary) and then have toys/fidgits that fit on it while student is listening to the teacher.
2. Spray bottle or perfume bottle.
3. Squishy toys.
4. Velcro strip on or under desktop.
5. Double stick tape strip to touch fingers to.
6. Rubber band or stretchy wrist bands.
7. Small stuffed animal or bendable animals.
8. Glove with different sensory fabrics on the fingertips.
9. Pencil fidgets and Pencil weights.
10.Sandpaper or laminated glitter/spangle strips on desktop.
11.Beads on a pipe cleaner that can be slid up and down.
12.Frozen plastic ice cubes in a zip lock bag.
13.Heated uncooked rice in a sock.
Just print out the pdf for more. If you have creative ideas that work, let your team know on the Brilliant Therapy facebook page.
Download PDF for Simple Sensory Desk Top Strategies

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