Shamrock Letters

Make writing fun! When it is fun, the job gets done.

SUPPLIES: colored paper squares, pencil, glue stick.
OPTION: This can be a wonderful addition to an obstacle course. Other versions can be glueing flies to a web or strips on a tree.

ST: Clients may glue down the letters they articulate, words they add to their sentences, or speech rules that they remember. You may even have the letters place on a table and have them say the letter sounds as they place them on their picture.
OT: Clients may write down alphabet letters or numbers and glue them into a rainbow coming out of their shamrock pot.
PT: Clients can put up a colored square for each time they complete a task you have selected. You may want to use velcro rather than glue. Putting then on a wall can also help to work in UE ROM or strengthening goals as well.
Share your fun-filled ideas with the team and get credit!
Download the PDF for Shamrock Letters

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