Seated UE exercises in pictures

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Before engaging in an exercise routine, review safety and be updated on any precautions set forth by client’s physician.
This a a basic upper extremity workout that is wonderful for homebound clients.
SUPPLIES: Chair with a back on it, theraband, and hand held weights.
TIPS: Use lighter weights with more repetitions to start so that bones, tendons, and muscles can adjust to the new weight load being placed on them. There are no magic numbers for how many repetitions to do, so start off with what feels comfortable such as 1 set of 8 repetitions.
NOTE: You will want to reassess form and possibly stop any exercise that creates pain.
Shoulders are finicky so if you have pain at any time, talk with your therapist or doctor and stop immediately. Sometimes you can have the angle wrong or too heavy a weight to start with.
1. Start with weights at lap and raise them up 1 arm at a time leading with a “thumbs up” position.
2. Do the same exercise with alternating arms and “thumbs up” position.
3. Let both hands hold weights down at side and shrug shoulders upward (not shown).
4. To get the middle deltoid muscle worked, you can start by placing both weights together with elbows bent and then raise elbows upward and out to the side. Keep wrists firm on weights and they will lift up. (the motion looks like you are pouring juice out of a pitcher)
5. Biceps muscles are easy. There are 2 ways this is commonly done. First lift weights up from the lap to the chest. Use the “thumbs up” position. The second way is to just rotate the hand held weights so that your palms are facing upward instead of your thumbs.
6. You can do these exercises with theraband by simply holding the theraband with one arm in the start position and letting the other hand pull it upward or outward.

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