Scrap Laminate Tasks I

  • scrap laminate
  • scrap laminate
  • scrap laminate

Activities with laminate scraps are endless. Recycling is a new way of working. Watch the videos and check out the pictures for some ideas.
More Options:
1. Place laminate on wall. Place velcro bits on it and have clients reach up and place items on them. When you are done, take it down easily and store it for next time.
2. Give clients laminate, and then have them paste on spangles, sponge shapes, glitter, etc. then run it back thru the laminator. You then have a table top cover, trail to walk on, or a frame for an activity.
3. Place laminate on desk and allow doodling with dry erase makers.
4. You can even make it into a matching task.(permanent markers can be used to put down the elements you want the clients to match and then they use a dry erase marker for matching them.)
5. Place yarn or ribbon on it and then run it back thru the laminator. Then have kids trace the trails or yarn, ribbon, pipe cleaners, cut rubber bands, etc. with their fingers.
6. Use it as a stencil that is placed on top of paper. You cannot see what it is until you take the marker and run it over the top of the laminate that you have cut a design out of.
BTW Rubbing letters or symbols off can be good for calming as well as UE strengthening.

Please ask your friends to join your Brilliant Therapy team so they can share their ideas as well. Together we are brilliant!

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