Same or Different Social Activity

This is a fun social visual cognitive skill building activity.
Some specific skills this addresses are: sensory discrimination, visual processing, thought organization, working memory, writing, body awareness, communication, receptive language, pragmatic language, and following directions (receptive).

DIRECTIONS: Have clients sit around in a circle and have 2 clients stand and let peers identify what they see as different and what they see as the same when comparing the 2 individuals.
OPTION: You can also use two boxes with same and different items placed inside. Have clients reach inside each box and pull out 1 item. Then let them compare and contrast what they picked out.

OT: If you are also working on writing, let clients write the differences down. You can also have the 2 standing clients stand at opposite sides of the room, requiring increased visual memory skills and require increased neck and trunk movement.
ST: This works well with social skills and confidence building especially with middle school kids.

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