Roll & Stamp: Mini Book

This mini book series is a “must have” for pediatric therapists because there is a sheet for every skill. Whether it is speech, cognition, movement, or writing you will find a page here that you can use. Clients love it and so do therapists.
We have included a direction sheet to go with it!
There are two sheets with holiday themes (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and many of the sheets work on auditory processing as well as writing.
BTW If you like these we have more under Roll & Stamp: Words, Roll & Stamp & Move, Roll & Stamp: /SP/ /SK/, and more Roll & Stamp sheets so check them out.
Also, for kids that struggle being comfortable with unexpected noise, rolling the die on a hard surface can be helpful in helping them learn to be okay with the noisy sound of the dice hitting the table top.
Let us know what you need, so we can put more out there for you and help you make therapy easy and fun!


Click here to download the PDF

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