Rocker Board Singing

Music combined with any movement is a wonderful combination. Music can sooth fear, calm the anxious, or help organize thought processes and movements.
PT: The use of music with movement can have dramatic effects especially for the auditory dominant client. An example of this is when you see clients pain dissipate upon motion and music combined.
OT: Kids learn better when the right combination of music and movements are combined. Music and singing especially, are wonderful for decreasing perception of pain in some clients while you range their UE’s.
ST: Don’t for get to make things fun with music. We did a successful fox themed party for a therapy session and the kids volume and articulation improved with using “What does the fox say” and with the younger set we used the music videos from “Treehousekids Musical Learning ABC Song for Kids”.(found on Youtube)

Creativity and music can make better therapy.

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