Quick Star Book Marks

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Stars capture attention. Use this to work on visual-motor skills, behavior rewards, line awareness, or a gift for Dad.
Directions: Use card stock paper for your base, then cut out colored paper star shapes and glue them on the strip. Now you have your star book mark.
Here are some ideas….
PT: This works out well as an activity. Just place a movement on each star and put them in a basket. Have kids pick out a star from the basket, do the task, and then glue the star that they earned on to their paper strip. Laminate the completed strip and let them take it home to share with family or use as a book marker.
OT: Try making this into an ADL strategy reminder for washing hands, or social skills. Just place 1 step on each start and then place them on the strip in order from top to bottom. You may want to type the reminders on a separate sheet of paper and cut them out and place them on top of seat star.
ST: You can easily incorporate speech into this star studded activity. They can earn the stars for awesome speech or for each time they come to speech therapy.

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