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The concept of this therapy tool can be done several different ways. It can also be embellished depending on what your focus is on.
SUPPLIES: Colored paper, glue.
PT: This is wonderful to use for the autism crowd. Give them a heart each time they complete the task and they can reach up and paste it on the strip that you have on the wall. Then when it is covered with hearts, they can take it home or laminate it and use it as a book mark. Now you have given additional meaning to your tasks. You can also turn this into a movement reminder.
OT: When a teacher needs a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day craft you have one ready to go with just colored paper hearts and glue. You can adapt this to be used as a writing, keyboarding, or visual-motor task. This can be adapted into a visual schedule, behavior tool, or ADL reminder.
ST: Pick your category and have kids put down their answers on the hearts. Now you have a bookmark for a reward.
TIPS: Use colored card stock paper if you are not going to laminate it.
BTW We included a printable that may help you save time.
Download PDF for Quick Heart Book Marks

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