Q-Tip Dandelion Painting

  • Painted dandelion
  • Marker dandelion stem
  • Pointing at blank paper
  • Finger painted dots on dandelion stem
  • Applying paint to finger tips
  • Paint brushing circles on dandelion stem
  • Completed painted dandelions

This activity can have many skill building qualities, such as locating a specific area on a page, pinching, following directions, and combating fear of getting hands dirty.
TIPS: You may have a client locate where the center of their dandelion is going to be and place a dot at that point, then draw a line downward.
PT: This type of painting can be done on the wall which helps with balance and strengthening skills.
OT: Usually you can get swabs from the nurse to dab on the paint. This craft can also be tied in to emotions of letting go as the dandelion seed flies into the wind.
ST: A variety of communication skills can be utilized with this activity depending on what goals you are focusing on.

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