Popsicle Stick Matching: Shoebox

This DIY matching activity is easy and cheap to make.
I got a free shoe box from a TJMaxx store, then took a piece of paper and placed colors on it with markers and glued it to the top of the shoebox. Then I took scissors and cut a small opening to fit the popsicle sticks into. This can be a fun classroom task or homework for OT.
PT: This is another great way to keep autistic kids on task. Give them a colored popsicle stick each time they climb the stairs where they can then put it into the box. It will also encourage them to look at what their hands are doing which is a good thing.
If you like matching (visual discrimination) than you may like the pdf we included on animal matching.
Let the matching begin!
Download the PDF for Popsicle Stick Matching: Shoebox

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