Popcorn Punching

Most clients like popcorn and associate it with something positive. They also like the smell, so here is a way to incorporate visual motor skills, communication, and hand strengthening.

Just have clients take a hole puncher and punch out each popcorn popcorn cut out.

OPTION: If you do not have a hand held hole puncher, place a piece of cardboard underneath the paper and punch each popcorn with a pen or pencil.

OT: If you want to work on writing skills, just have kids copy the word and then punch out the word. You can make it more complex by having them write the 3rd letter in each word. With adults, you may have them actually make popcorn.
PT: Print out several popcorn patterns and place them on the floor for clients to step on or over.
ST: You may have kids punch out the popcorn only after they say the word and put it in a sentence. If you like this, you may like our popcorn pronouns activity sheet.

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Download the PDF for Popcorn Punching
Download the Print Out for Popcorn Punching

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