Pool Noodle Pick Up

Pool noodles can be used for a variety of therapy tasks. This picture should give you additional ideas on what you can do for grasping balls, balloons, and stuffed animals with 1 pool noodle. Great for using 2 hands together and accomplishing a task. Yippee! Let the fun begin.
OPTIONS: Try using this as a brain break task by taking a pool noodle, holding it in a large ‘U’ shape (one hand grabs each end about 1 foot from the ends), and picking up stuffed animals (you may have 4 or 5) and place them into a box. Then child can return to their school desk and continue working.
Another option, is to take a pool noodle and use it to push a ball/balloon along the floor. You can make it more challenging, by having client push or roll the object down a path (such as in bowling), or along a tape line placed on the floor.

This activity is easy to put into a theme such as “Grinch Grab”-have them pick up small wrapped boxes or “Bunny Pick Up”- have them grab us stuffed bunnies placed on a floor on either side of a line that they walk so you can cross midline to make therapy even more effective.

If you have more ideas, share them with your Brilliant Therapy Team! Together we make therapy better!

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