Pool Noodle Pick Up

Pool noodles can be used for a variety of therapy tasks. This picture should give you additional ideas on what you can do for grasping balls, balloons, and stuffed animals with 1 pool noodle. Great for using 2 hands together and accomplishing a task. Yippee! Let the fun begin.
OPTIONS: Try using this as a brain break task by taking a pool noodle and picking up an a stuffed animals (you may have 4 or 5) and place them into a box. Then child can return to their school desk and continue working.
Another option, is to take a pool noodle and use it to push a ball/balloon along the floor. You can make it more challenging, by having client push or roll the object down a path (such as in bowling), or along a tape line placed on the floor.

If you have more ideas, share them with your Brilliant Therapy Team! Together we make therapy better!

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